The Ongoing Adventures of the Blue-Eyed Ojibway

DrewWelcome to where theatre, humour, First Nations philosophy, literature and identity all walk hand in hand. Drew Hayden Taylor has worked and explored all of these worlds and a few more. In this website, everything you need to know about the past and present (and possibly some future events too) of one of Canada’s leading Native playwrights and humourists can be found.

Originally from the Curve Lake First Nations, in Central Ontario, Drew has spent the last two decades travelling the world and writing about it from the Aboriginal perspective. An award-winning playwright, author, columnist, film maker and lecturer, he has managed to bridge the gap between cultures by tickling the funny bone.

There is a Hopi proverb that says “A smile is sacred” and Drew Hayden Taylor believes it, even though he’s not Hopi.

So stay for a little while, stay for a long while. Bring a lawn chair. Read some of his stuff. And let us know you’ve been here.