On The Air

Film, Television and Radio


2014 A Warrior’s Legacy: Ontario’ s First Nations in the Second World War. Narrated documentary about aboriginal participation in WW 2. Produced by Matt Murphy and TVCogeco
2007 Waterpower – Narrator and Host of four documentaries for the Ministry of Natural Resources about energy derived from waterpower.
2001 Circle of All Nations – Director and Co-writer of a documentary for Peel Productions about Algonquin Elder William Commanda.
2000 Redskins, Tricksters, and Puppy Stew! – Writer and Director of a documentary on Native humour.  Produced by The National Film Board of Canada.
1997 TV Ontario’s Studio Two: Host of a documentary on Pelican Lake Residential School reunion.
1989 As Long As The Rivers Flow – Researcher for one hour documentary series. Produced by Tamarak Productions
1988-1989 Life Circles – Director of a documentary for The Confederacy of Mainland Micmacs in Nova Scotia, produced by Gary Nichol and Associates.
1988-1989 Researcher for a multi-media presentation profiled at Toronto’s Skydome.  Produced by Lauron/Avatar Productions.
1988 Successful Native Role Model Series  – Wrote nine documentary profiles and directed two profiles.  Produced by The Film Works.
1987 A Healthy Choice – Researched and Writer of the transfer of medical services to Band governments produced by The Film Works.  Also researched and wrote Public Service Announcements for National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program.
1982-1983 A Circle Moving and The Only Gift – Soundman and Production Assistant on 2 half hour documentaries produced by Gary Nichol and Associates.

Television Dramatic and non-Dramatic Programs

2013 The Pink Indian – wrote the pilot script.
2012 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards – wrote the on air script.
2011 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards – wrote the on air script
2008 Mixed Blessings – Second Season. Head writer. Helped develop story arcs for second season and wrote three of six episodes.
2007 Mixed Blessings – Third season, head writer.  Wrote eight of thirteen episodes
2007 In a World Created by a Drunken God – Made-For-TV Movie produced by Pyramid Productions and aired on APTN.
2007 Mixed Blessings – First Season. Head writer. Developed the series and wrote four of the seven episodes.
2006 Mixed Blessings – Writer of pilot for situation comedy, produced by Prairie Dog Productions.
2002 Buffalo Tracks – monologue writer for Aboriginal Peoples Television Network celebrity talk show
2000 Prairie Berry Pie – one script for Children’s series out of Saskatoon.
2000 The Longhouse Tales – three scripts for CBC/TVO children’s television series featuring puppets, staring Tom Jackson.
1999 Injuns Amongst Us – 30 second and 2 minute Public Service Announcement dealing with stereotypes for Centre For Aboriginal Media.
1999 The Strange Case Of Bunny Weequod Cool Native Productions -, a half hour drama, shot all in Ojibway.
1992 North of Sixty – Writer of Episode “All About Leslie”, produced by the CBC.
1990 The Bootlegger Blues – commissioned by CBC Comedy Development to develop pilot of proposed Native comedy.
1989 Street Legal – Writer of episode “In Search Of A Dream,” directed by Stephen Scaini.
1988 Where The Spirit Lives – Publicist for a movie produced by Amazing Spirit Productions.
1988 The Beachcombers – Writer of episode “A House Divided,” directed by Keith Leckie.
1985-1986 Spirit Bay: – .Researcher, Consultant, Casting Advisor, Production Assistant, and Publicity Agent for television series produced by Spirit Bay/Film Works.

Radio Drama

2004 A Blurry Image on the Six O’Clock News,” a short story dramatized on Between the Covers, a CBC Radio program
2004 Ice Screams,” radio play adapted from a short story in my collection, Fearless Warriors, on CBC Radio
1999 Dramatization of three short stories from Fearless Warriors on Between the Covers, a  CBC Radio program
1996 Toronto At Dreamer’s Rock,” produced as a radio play in German on the German radio station, WDR Radio
1993 Writer for the radio drama, “Booster McCrane,” performed on Morningside, a CBC Radio program

Radio Host

2004  Aboriginal Voices Radio – Movie Reviews.
2005  Aboriginal humour commentator for the Content Factory on CBC Radio
2007  Sounds Like Canada – guest host of CBC Radio national program for one week